Reverse engineering licensing in an Android library

In one of my Android projects we are using a library that requires licensing and out of curiosity I decided to reverse engineer how it works and it turned out that the implementation is not complicated nor hard to “workaround”. In this post I’m explaining how I managed to make it work with my own […]

Receiving captured packets in Wireshark from PCAP Remote running on Android emulator

Accessing the PCAP Remote SSH server running on Android emulator is a bit tricky since the emulator network is not directly accessible from the host machine. To make Wireshark be able to connect to PCAP Remote we need to enable port forwarding. To do that, go to the platform-tools directory in your Android SDK directory. […]

PCAP Remote

Today I’m releasing an initial version of my Android app called PCAP Remote. The app is a non-root network sniffer that allows you to debug and analyze traffic in Wireshark on the fly using the app’s built-in SSH server, which is useful and often a must when developing Android software solutions that use complex/custom network […]

Compiling libssh for Android

As libssh does not provide official android support, compiling it for Android is a bit tricky. In this post, I’m providing my solution. Boringssl is used as the ssl lib. The building script is developed for Linux but could be easily adapted for Windows, I think. libssh android build scripts along with all the other […]